Monday, September 29, 2008


Will you remember, a friend forever, who has pressed on, stood the test of time and space?
I heard that if a knot is tied, it will never unravel, just frozen in time and space.
Friends are never lost, just kept in a distant part of your memory where the forgotten resides.
Friends always reflect yourself, and will be there for you if you happen to be beside.

Through the lights on the streets at night,
through the darkness that resides in the sky,
i bring you nostalgia for all that we've been through,
when we could see one another's souls and not the mask of skin.

Drums beat just like how the rhythm of friends go,
up and down at odd times, but always keeping the rhythm it's supposed to go.
You just need to listen for the distant sounds of beats,
to know where your memories go.


it's 12++ and i've just done my WR.
need to compile it.
school's tomorrow, not really looking forward to it, but ugh, no choice.

congrats to Alonso.
disappointed about Ferrari.

"i looked back at an email when you were overseas, oh how weird it must have sounded now."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

haha, the timeline for the pics is bottom up.
I really need to thank Limter for inviting me to F1 and sharing lots of laughter with me,
Fiona for laughing at my jokes and being my best friend,
and Guataman for joking and fooling around with me.
It was a great day, and i'm so looking forward to the finals.


this is a picture post, so enjoy! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Curses" - BFMV

We've waited far to long to, watch it all crash and fall through,
So when you feel like shit you've gotta keep on pushin,
If you saw the world through my eyes, then you wouldn't feel so high rise,
Its time to take a chance you've gotta sit back and hold tight.

Theres forces working in our heads but we don't understand them,
I need a map to find my way out all the time,
Theres curses lurking in our heads but we don't want to find it,
We need to come back down and face what we've become.

We've become!!!

The more I think the more I wish I'd pushed stop then hit rewind,
What I would give to have a day back then when no one really cares,
I remember when we all used to kick back,and take days off school,
So many times I've smiled many times I cried but never did we try,

Never did we try, because...

Theres forces working in our heads but we don't understand them,
I need a map to find my,way out all the time,
Theres curses lurking in our heads but we don't want to find it,
We need to come back down and face what we've become.

Its haunting me! Im so alone,
Im just trying to find my way back home,
Im so alone, alone.

Theres forces working in our heads but we don't understand them,
I need a map to find my way out all the time,
Theres curses lurking in our heads but we don't want to find it,
We need to come back down and face what we've become.

now, find your way out of this, like how you left me dying 3 months ago without air to breathe.
you brought this on yourself, you deserved this.
and now i tell you too, that i have a future ahead, one without you.

I have a future without you to pursue.

and safe to say, i'm going to J2.
now, i'll have 2 years of JC!!!! hahaha

ok, so now i have PW to do.
need to churn out the 3rd draft by tonight,
and correct it as soon as it gets vetted.

F1 this Saturday!!!!!
lol, can't wait to see fiona and lim, and the F1 cars, and Raikkonen, Massa, Hamilton, Truli, Alonso, Montoya.........
Heidi, i'll post the pictures i take at the F1 event, especially for you.
(you should realy consider the smiley face thing.)

hokay, i'm jamming with livert, maybe ethel and some other people soon enough.
and i'm playing badminton with faizal on friday, probably ask tim to come along, and joel too.

okokokokok, lalalalalalaa, i need to do a damn good job on PW.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Fear has conquered us all,
squeezed our little balls,
to spit out lies for whom we love,
deceiving all the white doves.

Fear has blinded us all,
it has made it your call,
much to our ear's comfort,
much to your mind's comfort.

Fear has made me aware,
made me resist the likes of you,
made me stronger to hold love true,
made me care.

This fear shall not hold me back,
for i conquered fear in making it mine,
for i feared that fear would kill love,
for i feared that fear would make me just like you.

Hence, in fear that i may hurt the one i love, i won't tell lies, only the truth, for
love conquered f.e.a.r(failing every aspect repeatedly)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


i was just thinking.
when you're apologising to someone, you expect to be forgiven.
but when you've screwed something up so bad, and don't wanna be forgiven, you don't apologise.
give it some thought, because i think this is really true.

anyway, it's 12 and i have school tomorrow.
i got off the phone with joel at 11 plus.
and now my tuition teacher is messaging me, asking when i can go for tuition.
so i might as well blog a bit about today.

in the morning, i went to meet up with shi yi and jasline about pw stuff.
then we were like "okay, nothing else? lets go!"
haha, so i met up with joel, cheryl, brandon and shermaine at Kembangan at 1:20pm and 1:45pm.
and we took a train to orchard, went to borders, orange julius and took a shuttle bus to Dempsey Road, where they were having a flea market.

so basically, we took loads of pics and i got my mum's b'day present there, which by the way is first hand.
after that, we took a cab to holland V where there is in fact a redundant windmill on top of the building. went to cold rock ice creamery(is that right?) to grab some desert and snapshots before making our way home.
i had this cafe and grill for dinner to celebrate my mum's b'day.
and blah blah blah, joel will post the pictures with a picture post.

i hope school's fun tomorrow.

i would like to thank my friends for being here for me when i need you guys the most.
and when it's your turn to feel down, i'll be there for you too.
just like what real friends do. (it rhymes)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm bloody pissed right now.
i HATE(to the point where i wanna tear their faces open) people who bloody lie about stuff.
i seriously despise, look down, spit on those who do such things.
what the heck happened to good old honesty and trust.

warning, the blank space below contains some vulgar stuff that you can read if you bold it, so those who do not want to see it, DON'T BOLD IT.

You f**king losers, always trying to hide what wrongs you've done by blaming it on something else or simply hiding it. I seriously hate you people, you all simply DO NOT deserve any respect from me or anyone, you're so low, so f**king low, you're so low, i can only refer to you as IT. You're comparable to some fucking low-life uncivilised organism.
You hid it from me, until it was too late to do anything about it, no wonder "true" friends are those who are as f**king low as you.
You're so proud of yourself, thinking you've done the people around you proud when you've just crippled yourself inside out, you've made a whole new person for yourself, thriving on cheating people of their emotions and hiding the fucking truths behind everyone who has given you their trust. Someday, all the things you've done and ignored is going to come back to you, and when you get your just deserts, it's gonna hurt so bad, you'd wish you were dead.
me? i'll be learning from what you've f**king done. i learn never to trust anyone with the likes of you, no matter how honest and respectful they seem. i learn never to lie to people who are close, and when i mean close, i mean respectful and close. F**k you, i wonder what'll happen if she knew, i'm feeling so bad for her already, and even WE pity her for how you're treating her behind her back. I'd hope she doesn't find out, then she can carry on living a happy life of lies.
No wonder you said all those things, it's because you wanna try and "stop" this shit before we found out, and when it's long gone, it wouldn't hurt anyone of us. WOW, how f**king thoughtful of you you F**KING LIAR. Guess what? I've never ever felt like this, i hope you like what you've done, because there's no turning back the way i see it.

PS: anyone who comes up to me and asks me anything about it, I WON'T TALK, so you might as well save your breath.

PSS: i'm feeling ill and bored.

you cheated right from the start.

a bit hoarse from yesterday night's karaoke session with family.
haha, too many songs to list them out here.
lol, first thing i did was to search for hand of blood, and guess what?! THEY DON'T HAVE IT.
no surprise there.

i'm feeling like shit right now, really feel like strangling someone.

currently, i'm listening to "Home" by Michael Buble.
i think i'll probably try to tab it out because it's not available on the net.

today, no plans to go out yet, just planning to slack and do PW.
maybe i'll go and sleep.

ugh, bloody cold.
ok, morning's not really the time to blog.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Now at mac-cafe, doing PW.
can my post-promos get anymore boring?
why yes it can.
i can just rot at home on top of the toilet bowl wondering why in the world i'm there when i'm not even taking a dump.

school shmool.
it was kinda boring, not worth blogging about.
but i went to joel's place to watch FRIENDS with brandon.

i am now officially kissed by the sun.
skin's peeling like skin peeling.

i think i'll go to school tomorrow.

mc-cafe's pretty empty, maybe because everyone's having their promos.
btw, good luck to those having their promos now.

anyone wants to know something?
i'm = = = = = , = = = =.
as if anyone wants to know that.

when YOU read this, just drop me a random message about something, like what you wanna do or something like that.
don't know why, but it sounds kinda cool.

OMG FOB's new album is coming out and i'm pre-ordering it!!!!!

27th is the date i'm going to watch F1, so please don't ask me out for anything important than this, unless of course, it IS more important than F1.

back to post-promos work.

Monday, September 15, 2008


"Dying In Your Arms" by Trivium.
"10 years ago" by BFMV.
"Hand of Blood" by BFMV.
"Hearts Burst Into Fire" by BFMV.

these songs are currently my favourite,
please listen to them if you aspire to become me. lol. now no one wants to listen to them.
haha, but it's seriously nice. metal, but not too much screaming.

today today today wth today.
seriously, i went fishing on my own and my uncle accompanied me through the afternoon.
kinda unproductive coz it was raining heavily in the morning and very sunny in the afternoon.
so here's some pics.

me with my newest polaroid sunglasses.

the tree and sky above me while i was fishing(that's how boring it gets)

i just thought the clouds were nice.

well, i didn't take any picsof the fishes i caught coz they're fugly(yes, fish are ugly too, just like people who are ugly.)

so tomorrow i'm gonna do stuff.

oh yea, i repaired my guitar recently, so i'm blasting in my room nowadays when i have nothing to do.

ok, i will go eat my dinner now. NOW.

"and now i see it's you that's tearing me."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

memories, such a waste.

well, since i'm blogging, it means my promos are over.
so far so good, i done my best.
good luck to Timothy, Fiona, Limter and Heidi for their promos which are coming soon.
we'll all soon meet up again.

recently, it's been the "do what you want because promos are over" days, and so i've been going out often.
haha, it makes good memories, and i'll keep them.

i just watched the bucket list and cried, a little.
life isn't that long, and we should cherish all the memories we have.
never forget who you were and dare to face those whom you've let down.

i've been listening to a lot of metal recently, and i find it not bad. haha, still learning to play it though.

well, i'll be doing stuff over these few days, away from the computer, so i guess it's till next time world.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last Post before Promos.

It's been raining cats, dogs and cartoon frogs.
why can't it just rain single-celled organisms like amoebas?
how i wish margeret was here to help me find my box of pirate memory games for children ages 4-8.

lol, too much lil britan.

anyway, it's around 9:30 and i am not at mccafe.
because my ipod ran out of battery.

i'm mugging for 3 more days. and there's 5 days of exams.

i hope JUNDE remembers to bring his fishing rod on the last paper.
coz i'm bringing mine.

someday, i need to purge all the caffeine out of my body.
i've been gulping cups and cups of coffee for the past month.
why does it rhyme???

and that's what coffee does to me.

it's 9:45 now.
i think i'll sleep.

wish me luck for all the upcoming events of my life.

for one more day, i'll do anything to earn it.

PS: i need a hug, and someone to tell me that my life's gonna be wonderful.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i wanna shove some pain up love's rear end.
because love is constipating, especially after it died on you.
i need to save myself and just get it all out one day.
i need to find someone who feels the same.

at least i'm still the same.

it's 9:55.
and i'm at home because i feel sick, physically and mentally.

i just got one new Havaianas slipper.
yes, ONE.
because my brother dropped one of his into the storm drain, while walking home in the rain.
so he gave his other one to me.

guess what, i'm being forced by someone to do work till 10:30.
lucky me. :D

PS: my class has this tendency to make scandals out of everything. cheap thrill. seriously.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Never relive it, just know it's there.

it's been an hour since i woke up from a sleepless night.(because i wore uncomfortable pants and it was damn hot but i was too lazy to do anything about it.)
today is tuesday.
what am i gonna do today?
oh right,
till my lungs drop,
hair falls,
eyes twitch(been twitching for the past 5 days),
taste fail,
stomach ache
and promos end.


well, the past caught up with me recently.
and i must say, that it's hard to relive the past.
so looking ahead is still my best and favourite option.

and recently, someone's been nice to me, asking me out for dinner.
haha, i really thank that person for it.
and i'm looking forward to more. XD

bro's and dad's birthdays just passed.
bro got scary boring game.
scared and bored the shit out of me.
felt good. :)

so it's back to studying for me.