Monday, June 22, 2009

H (ealth) 1 (st) N (est at home for) 1 (week more)

Read the Today paper this morning, regarding parent's views on how they feel that extending the school holidays for one more week is pretty much useless (because they say that extension or not, we'll all have the same chances of contracting it.)

what rubbish.

142 contracted, and the numbers keep on rising.
yes, this may be less deadly than sars, but it is more contagious.
imagine, the holidays have already allowed 142 people to contract it.
what if the holidays ended? 142 ++++++++++ might contract it.
and the majority would be students.
sure, temperature taking may work.
but what if the symptoms appear only after one has entered school?
then the school would be compromised.


log on to and vote for your choice (extended holidays)

i love being 18.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a little more time, to a lifetime of opportunity.

today, py, clarence, jay and Angelyn came to help me with the BBQ food for thursday, and basically, we just marinated the food for the whole day. XD
because we bought so much, we had to push two trolleys all the way to my front door and yes, it was tiring too.

basically, i'm still having a lil bit of intestinal infection, so hopefully it recovers soon.

as for studying, asides from tuition, i went through vectors yesterday with tim.
i really need to buck up soon, all for a purpose.

so it's only a few hours to my 18th birthday.
although many things are legal to me now, living for 18 years is a sign that i've grown all this while.
my resolutions are simple, and i'll keep it to myself. XD
but still following them is another thing.
that's why my first resolution is discipline with myself.
and the rest should flow.
i've also learnt to respect others to gain respect, but there are some people who don't deserve nuts.

all in all, i have to study.
and right now, i'm still getting psyched up.

Friday, June 12, 2009


woke up at 8.
took a 50min bus ride to parkway.
felt ill already (half the mind to go home but i was at katong mall already.)
tuition from 10-12, 12:30-2:30.
took another 50min bus ride home (felt even worse)
stoned at home for 2 hours.
went to eat with dickson before maths.
6:30-9, maths (on the verge of throwing up)
reached home, broke into a fever, ate medicine, slept till 11:30.
woke up, finding that i couldn't sleep.
then here i am blogging about my horrid thursday.

i hate thursdays.

i hope i get well for jamming tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i realise you're heaven sent.

i'm listening to the song that got me hooked onto you, and i have to say that i still love the song.
it also got me hooked onto guitar and R&B.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

with pleasure, with pride, without me.

so tomorrow, it'll be a week away to my 18th.
brithday wishes:
1) To have all my friends remain friends till we grow old.
2) To get my ipod this weekend with parents.
3) To have a great day on the 17th. (think i'm skipping tuition.)
4) I wanna get an accoustic, but it's too expensive.
5) I want good grades, know where i can buy them?
6) Get puma's new foam tech shoes! they're light!
7) Go fishing at least once during this holiday.

and on the 18th of June, there's gonna be a BBQ party at my place for the guitar ensemble.
so although i wanna get shit drunk on the 17th, i'll have to see how it goes first. :(

i really hate people who think they get everything for free.
because it just proves they're worth nothing.

jamming this friday and i can't wait!
1) Otherside by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
2) Snow(hey oh) by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
3) Today by Smashing Pumpkins

i hate thurday, especially this thursday, i really really despise it.
6 hours of tuition. go figure.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

a toast to all we've lived, loved and lost.

The day i joined TPGE was the day i turned my back on something important, i could've been their captain, but i chose not to after much advice from seniors to follow my own heart. Afterwhich, i told myself, that i can't afford to screw up again, TPGE is my home after school. Initially it was tough, but the workload never lightened and I took on more responsibilities as we progressed. I got the job of a Section Leader and the Publicity/Welfare Officer. Since the day i joined TPGE, i can't say that i have no regrets, all that i can say is that with something to regret, i have grown stronger. Now the time has come, and like all good things, we come to a stop. I saw many of my friends crying as they played the last song together, or just by sitting at the room to take in the last look at what we've achieved, and i can't say that i haven't shed a tear for the last song. In my head, i know we'll all see each other soon, but hardly in the guitar room.

now that it has finally ended, the relief is great.