Friday, September 25, 2009

Last breath before drowning.

I only see one line among the twine.
Not the thickest.
Not the brightest.
There's a sign that it's breaking.
I might fall.
I want to break down and sit in one corner for the rest of my life.
I really do.
If I knew this was what I had to endure.
Some low-life, miserable effort.
To inspire me to work hard.
But I know it'll just come crashing down.
Like all the failures that weren't worth mentioning before.

dull away. dope.

seriously, i'm stuck on a friday night with nothing to do and without any motivation to do work or sleep.
a friday night.
at least accoustic sessions with the band went swell, and i can't wait for the next meet.
graduation is gonna be a blast, but the songs are still pretty much secret.

i tried fishing a few days ago at the pond, seriously wasn't worth it.
no fish, and a tan while i was wearing a singlet and sunglasses.
i wanna go to the yatch club and fish there because it's more productive and the study atmosphere is great.

so far, my prelims are not looking good.
i need someone to motivate me or something because at this rate, i'd rather die.
hopefully, the mood comes naturally.

i remember how we spent hours on the phone, and sometimes when we both say nothing it means much more than it seems to.

sometimes i want the easy way out, but i know it's just an excuse for me being lazy.

F1 in Singapore, and it's september already.

someone throw me a rope so i can pull myself up.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

i've been waiting for a miracle, and it might save me.

prelims are over, and they're long gone now.
so here's the main focus, A's.

caught the ugly truth yesterday, now i understand myself better.

today, having a bbq lunch with my band mates so i gtg buy the food and grill later.
shishamo woo!!!!!

yea, my band's playing for the graduation party, so that's what we got for doing a good job early in the year.

anyway, this isn't a long post but there's so many things to say.
till next post, world peace.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

karma will get back at you, this i swear.

here's news.
i fractured my nose cartilage.
or rather, this ego-istic son of a mother thought it would be nice to elbow my nose in the middle of handball last thursday.
i was cursing and swearing, and when i came back from washing my bloody nose (bled from 2 nostrils), he was gone.
i went to A&E and they said it was a fracture.
then, long story cut short, i got covered by insurance and the specialist said i didn't need an operation(thank god) and it would recover in 3 weeks, so 2 weeks left to go.
i will never forget this, and i can't wait for the next pe session.

prelims has been alright so far, apart from the killer GP paper.
everyday from today is gonna be like one full maths and physics paper everyday till the prelims are over.

at least my band's gonna perform for the J2 farewell assembly.
5 people, no rock, all accoustic.
definitely need something cool.
something that'll make everyone's jaw drop for all the right reasons.

i'm beggining to love my J2 life, but it's too much of a good thing.