Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The new form of fire-fighting, my drippy nose.

my nose is constantly dripping.
it's more or less confirmed that i'm not going to school tomorrow, but heck, i'm gonna finish studying for econs tonight.


yes, yes you are, undoubtedly.

seems like everyone is pissed at something this week.
i mean everyone.
haha, i hate this week.
i'm supposed to study for econs now (more like prepare the answers), but i can't ditch my readers yo.

okay, i'm contemplating whether to go school tomorrow, because i have a flu.
a really bad flu.
so far, i used up one tissue box.
but if i skip the econs test tomorrow, i'll have to drag it all the way to another day. :(

i'm listening to Postbox now, thanks to Ethel for the introduction.
they're not bad, and really don't sound local but they're good.
haha, if postbox was sponsored by toastbox, it would be so weird. (just a thought)

it's so warm tonight, but i'm still sneezing!

i know that things are going to look better soon, because i have friends. (:

omg, econs ugh...

Monday, February 23, 2009

make love in the pouring rain.

Now in life, you're able to smoke, drink and drive.
i don't think i'll smoke, so you can just buy alcohol and drive me around. XD
hahaha, four years of friendship ain't a joke, it's damn hilarious because of all the fun we had.
It's interesting what we've all been through to be who we still are today, if not better.
On this age of 18, i wish you a fruitful and happy life ahead, and i wish that the BC will last through a lifetime. :)
SURPRISE x 5 = a surprised fiona.

I'm still hyped over the success of soul night, and i'm happy that many people came up to me and said that we've done a good job.

Today, i wrote a women's rights essay for the GP timed assignment, really awkward because i have not written anything about gender equality issues for quite awhile now.

Tomorrow's gonna be good, maths tuition at night till 9:30.

Tomorrow's gonna be good, killer PE lessons by TPJC's ex-commando.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I want another this week please.

This week has been a great week because i don't want it to end.
soul night, NUS chancellor challenge shield, fiona's birthday...
it's all so relaxing yet it reminds me of the weeks and tests to come.
less than 2 weeks to my exams and i have yet to start revising....
i will start tomorrow, because i can't picture myself attaining entry to NUS business school yet. :(
i really wanna go there....very badly.

yesterday, we managed to surprise fiona 4 times, really funny.
after the cake, tim had chocolate all over his pants, looked like he shit himself.
had dinner nearby at some taiwanese eatery, love the beef noodles there. :D
watched get smart when we went back to fiona's place, and everyone ate whip cream.
was about 12 when i got home, really tired.

today wasn't so bad either, had tuition and lots of free time.
until i found out there's econs homework.


now i need to do econs.

very sad indeed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

whatever doesn't kill you, isn't a very good weapon to begin with.

where do i start....okay, it's 11pm. i am HUNGRY because i ate a bit just now in the canteen.

SOUL NIGHT was so awesome, i wished the moment could've lasted.
All the weeks of hard work, and spending a fortune at the studios really paid off.
Our band is Resonance, and here's the crew:
Livert - Drummer
John - Lead guitarist
Nicholas - Bassist
Clarence - Vocalist
Me - Rhythm guitarist / Vocalist

Songs we played tonight:
1) Chasing Cars (super fast last chorus)
2) Sugar We're Going Down
3) Love Makes The World Go Round (PPG)

Thanks to everyone who made this possible tonight.

As usual, i've been really busy with everything, but i'm getting the hang of it.
Okay, i really need to sleep.

never take people for granted.

Monday, February 16, 2009

dear oh dear,

dear oh dear, what will this sore throat make of me.
out of all the friggin weeks, i had to have a sore throat today, and hopefully, thankfully, it will resolve before thursday.
I'm not going to school tomorrow, feeling ill, and i know what they say about perseverence, but with PE tomorrow, don't think so.
Seriously, tuesdays are the worst.
Our PE teacher takes so much out of us that soon, we'll all be sleeping in the subsequent lessons,
and we begin the questioning the effectiveness of the school's timetable.

i love incubus, and i wanna get all their albums but i got no money. :(

Sunday, February 15, 2009

love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt.

jamming was good, if we played like this on the day itself, we'll rock.

i got work, and i dread going to school tomorrow.

Back to reality, away from fantasy.

13th FEB:
Really happy day, because after i reached home, i went out with my parents to watch Valkyrie at 11 plus. The show was really nice, but sad, and kinda dumb. After the movie, went with parents to sempang bedok at 2am to eat prata. Slept at 3am.

14th FEB:
Woke up at like 9, did NOTHING till 2, then went to meet ethel. Joel and Cheryl didn't go!!!
initially, wanted we wanted to watch a movie, but there's just too many people (DUH). So, we ended up at the arcade, went to Ben and Jerry's and watched a few bands perform there, and walked around till 6. XD
Slept at 9 because i was really tired.

15th FEB:
I'm home alone, because my family has gone to the bird park. I have jamming at 4, but now i'm doing my work at home. really sad.

PS: heard the FOB concert wasn't that great, disappointed.

Friday, February 13, 2009

it is wonder that keeps the stars apart....

yesterday was the most lousy worst, useless day of my life.
like i said in the previous post, i will persevere, and because god has heard my cries for help, today was the happiest day so far, for this year.

I wanna thank the world for being so unfair,
for making my life so miserable yet so happy.
If the world was fair,
we'd be bored to death,
by the stoic notions of life.
But the world crushes me,
so that when i am free,
I appreciate my freedom
and the people who are free.

many good things happened to me today, and i feel like i've earned it.
i love my life now, and i will cherish it,

rosa multiflora.

If i had my ways....oh, you'll see....

-a compulsory, imperfect, widely-divided system that demands a holistic education for every student.

I am sick, really sick.
Sore throat, headaches, sleep deprivation, on and off fevers.
it's tough, and my remedy is a well earned break from all this mess.
sometimes, i feel high, i feel periods where time really slows down in front of my eyes.
i see blur images on my notes at times and it goes on and off.
but i still have to go on like this, and persevere.
because i want to look back and laugh at all the things i've accomplish,
laugh at all the hard times,
have a good laugh just to say that all this is over.
until the time is ripe, my priorities are set straight and ready to be done.
i must say that i have been grumpy these few days.
it's tough when a thousand things are going on concurrently in my mind, every thought is a million worries.
and so i say that i will go on, until i am at my physical limits.

and so the blurry moon fell over her shoulder,
illuminating that last tear drop down her neck,
as i peered over her shoulder,
the sun rose from behind,
but the grass has died.
if only it had been sooner,
the world would be a better place,
regret is only a variable.

it's 1:08 now and i'm practising my guitar.
i'm in love with this song, that revolves around my life in every way, everyday, and if i may, i would fall in love all over again.

one for you,
and one for a dream to fulfill,
that makes duo.

Monday, February 9, 2009

just you, me and a picture of a picture.

I am mugging through loads of work, but yet i still have time to blog, it's such a miracle really.
Soul Night rehersals tomorrow, only looking forward to that and nothing else really.

I found a girl that sat in a field of green,
she wanted to watch the grass grow.
despite the unforgiving sun and rain,
she forged on, watching the grass grow tall and green.
i never asked why, because i knew the answer.
but i always asked why i couldn't point her the answer.
and so i avoided that question in my head, leaving her to her fate.
every night, i peered out the window, watching the stars above her head.
i could make out the dark figure amidst the tall lines,
that represented the constellations.
one night, i couldn't see the figure anymore.
only to find that she was outside my house.
she cried and said she found the answer,
weeping tears down her face,
she finally knew what made the grass greener on the other side,
that when one is suffering badly,
any alternative will always look like a brighter solution.
and with this, she never sat there again,
because she found the real alternative.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Makes The World Go Round - The PowerPuffGirls

i love that song, and i better love it.
you'll know why soon enough.
but it's really a nice song.

have been jamming these past few days, and hence, tonight is homework night.
jamming is good, and real original and funny.
haha, and it's fun to do really stupid things like sing like an idiot.

i can do something cool with two lighters and some tape.

i need to sleep.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sugar, we're going down.

As the title explains, today wasn't a really good day for me.
i shall not elaborate on the details.
basically, it's tough, doing your friend's work, when he/she/it should be doing the work instead.


because of his/her/its mistakes, everyone suffers.


it's 12:39, and why am i not sleeping?
because i drank a can of red bull after i came home from tuition, and went to livert's place for a pre-jamming session jamming.
it went well, very well.

I just bought Incubus cd, it was on discount.
and i really really like the song "Diamonds and Coals"

CCA day today, lotsa J1s in guitar this year, but we're definitely narrowing it down to a smaller number like 30-40?

ok, it's 12:52, and i really should be sleeping.

"give me a sign to show why i'm not blind"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Polly-Olly-Angle is greater than a Tri-angle.

Just got off the phone with a friend who says that i have a lot of free time in JC. XD
ok, i will commit to my work this year, in hope of a better results.

J1s came in this year, recognise some of them, but other than that, they look like how most of us looked when we saw the school for the first time, with J2 students walking around checking at our every move or how we look like.

i feel like i lack something in life, but honestly, i really can't put my finger to any word i think of.
maybe i just lack focus?

things due this week that i've not done.
1) maths assignments.
2) econs revision (promised someone)
3) refining of combo band rehersals.

anyway, Ying Ying (yes, sec4 classmate) just message me to say that she found 4 abandoned kittens, and is looking for a home for any of them if possible.
i wanna keep cats because they bury their own shit, and purr and look at people.
my parents won't let me keep them (DUH) because my house is small (DUH).

I'm listening to R&B now, "I'm so into you" by Tamia.
This song really reminded me of someone so dear when i was still in sec2.
It was a song that always made me feel comfortable, somewhere i could dig my feelings into.
it's all but a faded part of memory shards in my head now.

i feel so low on self-esteem in everything i do, never once held my head high because i'm afraid of falling too far.
but i'll never give up hope when i know it's there for me if i want it.
it'll be tough to escape the margin.

there's another day tomorrow, and another day will never be the same. will it?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

silver-lined drum sticks are gold.

okay, remember september by Earth Wind and Fire?
well, i was at my cousin's house, and i realised that i can sing the high parts.
which is kinda shocking and weird.

so anyway, i was at whitesands yesterday trying to get a hair cut,
but the darn shop isn't open nowadays,
so i left my hair as it is.
on my way down to the escalator, i saw a small boy, running head on to a guy in the AXS station queue. he hit the guy, fell on the floor and cried.
and i'm like "okay..."
then i went downstairs. (his mum was there to help, so don't say i left him alone.)

did i mention?
i got a new phone, well not exactly a new model.
it's a W890i!!!
haha, it's not on sale in the shops already, but i love it's slim design.

tomorrow is not a nice day, even though there are J1s coming, school ends at 4. :(

i wanna go fishing on a windy, white-sand beach off the maldives where the water is a nice shade of crystal blue.

i bought a pair of drum sticks today for fun, then used my silver marker to draw on them. XD