Friday, February 26, 2010

all went well, except that...

except that i dropped my bloody laptop and cracked a corner off.

natas fair was tiring, 12 hours of talking and hardly any breaks.
at least i could get to see her today, it really made my day and drove me on to work. (:

i got my pay for today, in JP yen.

sending fee off later.

i'm tired.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

love till our hearts are entangled.

today is a very happy day for me, and someone really special.
because today, approval is at height.

NATAS fair tomorrow.
I'll be working for Hoshinoya Onsen Ryokan (hot springs resort) and advertising their brand to Singaporeans.

as part of my job is to advertise Hoshinoya resorts,
go to this link -->

for more information.

10 to 10, with an hour's worth of break time.
i'm glad enough the pay's damn good.

and when we gaze,
there's two smiles,
and hearts beating in harmony.

Zero no kotae

i downloaded the Zero no Kotae song by Uverworld the day before.
and i've played it 78 times on my itunes to this very sentence.

it's 5:24 am on this sentence.
and i can't sleep, it's hot.

there's a baby lizard trying to make a habitat out of my desk, and i can't find it.
i'm paranoid that it'll drop on my lap and i'll freak out.
but not as paranoid as some other stuff.
i sometimes wonder if i have grown up.
that's why this time, i'm supposed to see for myself.

it has been a good few days, and i love it when she clutches tighter even if her hands aren't big.
and when we gaze, i'm lost in her.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a day dreaming.

yesterday, i went with zoe to sentosa to experience the new stuff there.
it was a really nice day with overcast skies and hardly any sun,
but due to the rain, it was pretty humid.

still, we had a great time seeing all the stuff there.
first we went to imbiah station which zoe thought was "imbah station" when we saw the map. XD

i took a picture with this goat because i'm born in the year of the goat.

then we took the luge down to beach station,where we decided to go for ice-cream.

here's what happens with zoe and ice-cream

before ice-cream

after ice-cream

the ice-cream guy was just weird.
i said "can i have a macadamia surprise?"
and he replied "strawberry surprise?"
and i'm like "no, macadamia surprise"
then when i asked for a taste test of berryfruit flavour,
he almost went to scoop strawberry until i told him berryfruit AGAIN.

if you ignore the upside down words that says no diving,
it'll look like a sign saying "no surfacing"

i take pride in being able to center pictures well. (:

after the beach, we went to get airbrush tattoos, which i completely forgot to take photos of. XD
but i got a sun tattoo and she got a butterfly tattoo.
i think the sun tattoo makes me look tribal.

soon after, we went to finish our sky rides and luge rides,
then went to Chili's (i think that's the name) at universal studios to eat.
honestly, it wasn't very good, but the service was good.
the waiter came every few moments to check on us, asking to give any comments.

oh, there was this huge Hershey's shop nearby, and a huge Hershey mascot walking around.

if only the choco bar was real.

by then it was already late, and after a quick stop at vivo, we went home.

i found a video of UVERworld this morning, with the song zero no kotae.
watch it because it is super meaningful (a common trait in jap songs)

"they say people remember something before they die,
if that's true i'll probably remember loving."

one time, i asked why people don't make wishes upon stars that stay there,
because shooting stars don't last.
someone told me that shooting stars are rare and better cherished,
because they don't last.
and just like that, life's brighter.

"but still i pray on the last day,
that i'll remember being loved." -UVERworld

Monday, February 22, 2010

live in moderation

everyday passes so slowly,
but yesterday was the slowest.
went out with the fee, hei, zoe, tim and lim to celebrate early birthdays,
and blow re-lightable candles.
that was what we practically did.

i hope fee uploads photos soon. XD

oh, after lunch, there was this girl who was sleeping by herself at one of the tables.
i dared tim 10 bucks to sit right in front of her and stare at her until she wakes up.
he did it, and she gave him the evils when she woke up.
i had to give tim 10 bucks.
10 dollars!
i would rather give the 10 dollars to charity.
oh wait, i already did when i gave it to him. XD
*claps to myself*

at night, someone relied on me.
i could be depended on.
i'm glad.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

they'd get you then kill you.

Karma Police by radiohead
to me, radiohead's a legend.

i need to go shopping later.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

for the wrong reasons.

sometimes, i can't understand why things have to be this way.
when a reunion is done for the sole purpose of seeing old friends,
someone gave all the wrong reasons for doing so.
despite some facts, it seems that there's just no point when the class was meant to be this segregated.

i just came back because my dad decided not to play till 2-3.
so i can finally sleep till the sun burns through my eyelids.
i need to exercise tomorrow.
it's been eating, gambling and sleeping these days.

i haven't bathed since 7 plus.
i feel dirty.

Gonna die soon.

this lack of sleep is really getting to me.
i slept at 3, woke up at 7 just now.
and the best part? i've gotta stay awake till at least 2-3am to play cards at my uncle's.

i think i'll intoxicate myself with pineapple tarts till i fall to the ground.

sometimes, when the world is against you and you don't realize it, life's a chore,
so don't be no bitch.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

before i know it, it's too much.

i just had 4 glasses of wine and a lot of food.
pretty tipsy now.
and i never get drunk, just very sleepy.

anyhow, i just recalled that the new year season is always the drinking season.
damn i love this season.

i can't wait to put on my new clothes tomorrow.


well, tim just left my house moments ago after playing rock band and eating lunch.
and i'm waiting for my bros to finish playing their resident evil 5 so that i can play my star wars.

yesterday was a reunion diner at my mum's side.
had steamboat and champagne to drink last night, pretty nice.

anyhow, tonight's another reunion dinner at my dad's side.
and i can see my new nephew and niece.

btw, i think UVERworld is my fav jap band of all time simply because their compositions are unique.

that's why.

oh, and my unicorn tattoo was badly smudged when i slept with a singlet last night, guess it rubbed onto my pillow while i was turning about.
i could always get another fairytale i guess,
but this fairytale still has an unfinished ending.

Friday, February 12, 2010

and friends are forever.

today, i went to play badminton with tim in the morning.
normally, he's the one who's ALWAYS late, but today when i thought i was late, he still arrived later than me. -.-
there was no one to play with in the hall today, damn boring.

then after badminton, tim almost tried his luck with chanel.
luckily, i called fee so that she could stop him from losing his dignity completely.

after i went home, i rushed to pack and bathe.
and met fee at outram park so that we can go vivocity and sentosa.

here is fee's new haircut, although it wasn't a good shot, it was the only one i have. XD sorry fee.

apparently, both of us were sick of the city and needed cuff-links for various reasons.
hmm, we had lunch at food republic (which by the way i think it kinda sucks)
and went to sentosa.

so this is kung-fu panda and woody woodpecker coming out of one of the studios from universal studios.
we were in the train and saw them below.

this is the new wave ride which i really wanna try, caught it at siloso beach.

went up to the underwater world area and found this peahen with her babies.
fee seems to socialize well with animals.

anyway, just 3m away from that picture, i got my unicorn tattoo there.

cool right? but it kinda smudged a little when i bathed just now.
i feel conned. but i wanna get another when i'm going back there. XD

we actually went to ride the luge, but for obvious reasons, i couldn't take pics.
and here's for the memories...

after sentosa, we ate at the soup spoon.
and i got my cuff-links.

damn nice right? btw, i think my censorship skills are superb, you can almost make out the brand but you can't see it clear.

ok, i've just let a friend down and i'm feeling the guilt. :(
hmm, i shall not play star wars and go online next time.

anyway, it's 1 plus and all my muscles ache from jogging yesterday and playing badminton this morning and walking at sentosa.
i'm gonna sleep and waste tomorrow by attempting to play pool by myself. :(

and because saying it is overrated, i'll show you the miracles of a mime.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

life's disease.

today, someone discussed with me the big what if.
what if our lives ended tomorrow.
i'm sure no one has ever neglected that thought, and some embrace it to cope with it.

in 1 year.
we can buy loads of stuff.
we can celebrate every occasion with a bang.
we can fall in love over and over again.
or we can fall for one for the entire duration.

but if we lose the gift to live one more year, i'd make that day something to remember for.

i'd make the memory of me an eternity.

my mum just went on a flower spending spree.