Sunday, August 31, 2008

shed some light for me,
you have shown me what i can be,
play my favourite melody,
smile everyday for me.

first impressions are always deceiving,
because my other 99 told another story,
that i actually felt warmth for you,
no matter what lullabies you sang.

isn't it obvious,
how far one can go,
before showing true intentions of a secret spell,
before filling up the well.

time will tell us when to fall,
time will be our match-maker,
time will give us strength to open the cover,
pry open the treasure underneath.

your sweet passion,
my newfound passion to live,
for you,
for me.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

1 week to prove myself, 1 week to make this happen.

1 week to the TPJC Promotional Examinations.

i know i haven't blogged for a while, because i simply don't have the time and i've been doing almost the same thing everyday.

weekdays: wake up, school, study at mccafe or at shermaine's study room, sleep. same thing happens again.

weekends: wake up, study at mccafe, sleep. same thing happens again.

now i'm at mccafe, blogging.
waiting for timothy to come down from whitesands.
had dinner with shermaine just now.
saw dominic with his friend at the foodcourt where we ate at.
he got chased out from macdonalds coz they don't allow muggers during weekends.
good thing mccafe doesn't do that for muggers.

yesterday was a blast, it's one of those good days i'll have before the exams.
really motivated to do well days.

so yesterday....
woke up, went to school.
skipped aces day because i was performing.
waited till 9 plus,
then performed.
it was so comical, i was playing well, and everyone was laughing at the kenneth, arif and samuel.
so after teachers day, i rushed back home to bathe and went to PRSS.
haha, met tim at the mrt, and joshua, fiona and heidi in school.
gave presents to mdm mariam and mr tan.
and talked around.
then went to city with josh, fiona and heidi.
heidi had to meet her sponsor, so fiona, josh and i went to my mum's office first, where i got some monies(heidi's way saying money) and went to eat lunch.
met limter then went to suntec.
then went to starbucks where josh had to go home.
then went to comex again.
haha, then we met heidi and went for dinner at pasta mania.
then went home after walking around.

we caught up with one another's lives, like what real friends would do.
sure we had our highs and lows, but we laugh at it, like what real friends would do.
it's been so long since we met, and it'll be a while before we meet again.
till promos end, see you guys and gals soon.

study hard. ugh.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


finished GP and chinese tests, then went to joel's place with jun de, shermaine, cheryl and brandon.
had dinner at siglap, pity the crab restaurant moved to woodlands.
then did stupid stuff. XD

woke up, played ps2, ps3, went for tuition, then studied with shermaine till 12am.
haha, learnt something new as well.
btw, integration is irritating at times.

went to the cemetry to pray for my grandfather.
then went to turf city with my whole family and bought stuff.
was supposed to meet my cousin, but he didn't show up, which was kinda irritating.
and i'm at home now, hoping that S'pore wins the table tennis match or else i have 10 bucks less for next week.

alright, i'm gonna memorise "vincent" by don mclean by tonight so that i have a sense of accomplishment over the weekend.

somehow, i'm afraid and low on self-esteem because of the promos.
with all my friends so stressed and nervous, how can i stay still and say everything's gonna be alright.

i seriously wish all my classmates get promoted, because if they didn't, i'll feel upset.
well, almost all my classmates with the exception of a few. XD

btw, i bought a belt a few weeks ago.
it can withstand being stretched by a 400pound weight.

to guitar!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"i confess, i messed up, drop dead i'm sorry like you're still around."
after what has happened, i don't have the heart to love you like i used to.
"drink down that gin and kerosene."
no matter how much i think of you or yearn for you at times, i'm just afraid of you.
"i don't blame you, for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it."
i thought you'd still keep a part of me in your heart, but you told me you didn't.
"coz sugar we're going down swingin."
i gave you everything that belonged to us after you said that, and hoped you do remember.
"i'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake."
we lost 4 years of friendship just like that, in the blink of an eye.
"we're trapped and well concealed, in secret places, we don't fight fair."
because of you, i hated this thing called love. i hate who you are now, so flirtatious and shallow.
"he tastes like you, only sweeter."
i told you it's hard for me, to move on. I'm proud to say now that i've moved on.
"I found the cure to growing older."
and never will i be so careless and giving again, never will i be stepped on and used as backup.
"i chimed in, haven't you people ever heard of, closing the god-damn door no."
i have friends, good ones whom i treasure for the rest of my life.
"i keep telling myself, i keep telling myself, i'm not the desperate kind."
just like one told me, you treat yours like tissue paper, use it and throw it.
"i'll be stuck fixated on one star."
my love turned evol and i hope you have a sad life, you miserable fool.
now, which phrase wasn't sung by fall out boy? answer and i'll bow down to you and admit that you're a fan as big as me.

Break broken hearts into farts.

"coz that's just who i am this week"

Fall Out Boy.
Just finished "live in Pheonix" including the bonus material.


went out to study last night at someone's place.
then borrowed the tv at 10 to watch man vs wild.
the second season stinks, i mean he didn't even show you how you get out of the desert.

"slept through the weekend, and dreaming of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eternity."

i got chinese homework(yes, it's an endledd supply" and econs to do.
and i feel damn tired coz i slept at 1 last night playing milack(my mirror-black guitar)

i got a cut from pe today, after the bloody board slipped out of my hand.

"sometimes i just want to know what it's like to be you"
"i used to waste my time dreaming of being alive"

omg, please let thursday end sooner than i can blink.

ps: tennis was fun today, so was going home.

Monday, August 11, 2008

this was after the june holidays at the pasir ris fishing pond.
this picture captures the essence of fishing, that one must not give up without a fight.

and i got this baby after the fight.

it's a milk-fish, probably a relative to the bone-fish, because it's so bony.
anyway, the blood on it's head was caused by itself, hitting the ground after it came up.

"embrace the fight for the sense of accomplishment."

love is in the air again.
make my way outta crazy hearts.
find myself way more smart.
in this thing called love
in this thing called looooove.

3 weeks and 4 days left to the EOY promos.
when i do get promoted, i'll reward myself with say...a new guitar?

so i got FOB's live in phoenix dvd, and it's so cool if you blast it out loud and sing along!
"i confess, i messed up, drop dead i'm sorry like you're still aroooouuunnnddd...."

chem test tomorrow, along with econs to do up.
it's gonna be one busy night.

old toys, old clothes, old things you wouldn't touch.
old look, old friends, old things you wouldn't touch.
forget the old, embrace the new, that's who you really are.
when new gets old, new grows old, old things you wouldn't touch, that's who you really are.

tonight's gonna be real busy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

6th of August in the Autumn

big relief.
it's been one hell of a week in school, and i'm happy to say that i survived.

i'm looking for a pianist for next year's song fest.
requirements: must be a student in tpjc.

i have slightly less than a year to practice some of the craziest songs, but that's no big deal compared to the guitar ensemble's pieces.

alright, it's early rest for me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

the sunday post.

why? i don't know why.
why can't i keep you out of my head?
why can't i stop seeing you?
why can't you just get lost?
why do you appear when i don't want to see you?
why are you everywhere?
is it because i'm nuts?
or because it's retribution for what i've done?
is it because i'm dying and that's why i see things i don't want to?
or because we've been through so much, too much.

i hate you.

go away.

i hate crying when i think of you.

i hate dreaming of you.

i hate going to the places we've been.

i hate seeing you in my head.

i don't need you.

just get lost.

far away.

just go.

you never apologised.

you changed.

now you're someone else.

stranger to my heart.

poison to my soul.

i tried all i could.

i never want to try.

just go.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Saturday Post

Listen to "Just" by Radiohead, it's cool.

yesterday was one of the best fridays i've had.
lol, brandon and i went to play pool after school and we broke even, because the last round was equal to winning 4 rounds.
i was unlucky and damn lucky.
then joel, cheryl and their pre-u sem friends went to ehub as well for a movie.
so brandon and i seriously joked till we couldn't stop laughing.
before they reached, joel called me.
then i told brandon to ans it.
joel: hello?
brandon: yo dude!
joel:so where are you now?
brandon: .pause. eh, hong xiang was at the foodcourt, then he bought chicken chop or fish and chips. then he dropped the knife on his foot.

lol, i was laughing like shit.

then after a while, brandon passed the phone to me.

me: hello?
joel: can i speak to hongxiang?
me: yea, i know it's you la. eh, i cut my foot la, it's bleeding now, quite badly.
joel: HUH? Serious arh? (talks to cheryl in the background) eh, he cut his foot leh.
me: yea, i needa go home and dress my wound now, cya later dude.

then brandon gave me a plaster and i put ketchup under it to make it look like it was bleeding.
ha, i didn't cut my foot.
and joel and cheryl found out about the joke.

then i went to watch the mummy till 2 with mum and bros.

i seriously don't know what to do today.....
maybe i'll go study or something...