Monday, July 20, 2009

Complex Numbers - Section (8) Loci is a bastard.

i'm giving up on loci tonight, can't figure out many qns (hence, the need for tuition).
my compass is crooked and i'm drawing ovals instead of circles.
it doesn't look loci at all when you're drawing ovals.

at least the mood is kicking in, i feel the urge to hold a pen and my work for most of the time.
at least more than the PS3 controller so yea, it's good.
first-person shooter disease, still can't get over laughing about that.

1) Econs Essay qn 3
2) Econs Essay for lecture
3) Quantun Physics tutorial
4) Maths complex 3
5) Chem Energetics.
6) Gp Essay.

and i am in the midst of many, hopefully reaching the end of it soon.

i'm starting to feel alone, but it's just a thought.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First person shooter disease.

I dug this up from Geekologie.

you either die laughing or laugh dying. it's the same.
haha, the last part was probably Ryu from street fighter.
I love the cereal, orange juice, 9mm handgun, butter knife part.

So the doc gave me a 4 day MC, but i guess i'm going back to school tomorrow. XD

Monday, July 13, 2009

Televised, not telegraphed.

i'm sick, so no school today yea.
but that means i have work, boo.
NS check-up tomorrow, gotta prepare the necessary documents.

So i've been doing lots of random stuff lately, anime mostly.
and my results really suck.
well, it's a sudden drop so i'm worried and that's good.

no incentive to blog these days.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

that blood oath.

you swore!
do you remember what it was like when you did.
the sky cast in red, sun burning down that evening street.
you kneeled to your thoughts and took an oath.
an oath in your own blood to mark that promise.
yet how could you forget and betray yourself?
how the fuck did you fall so far?
when that oath you took was an oath of truth,
an oath that would not be easy because life was as it is.
now you're only four feet deep before you rise,
when that last foot really matters,
are you going to remember how that oath broke open your skin?
or is that oath lost in vain?
your oath, you decide,
you live or you die.

U to A in 4 months, it has to be done. i admit that i've been lazy, and this is what i deserve.
no time for crossing my fingers, i've got a promise to fulfill, a date with destiny.

discipline. work. win.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rob a bank, steal a car, kill your homie, pure GTA.

Exams are officially over for me, and i'm still awake now.
i haven't slept well for the past few days, have been tossing and turning in bed, waking up to look at formulas and definitions.
Econs was great.
GP was dead.
Maths was dead.
Chem was great.
Physics was okay....

haha, went to swensens with my class today, been a long time since so many of us went out together.
After the rest went to watch transformers, i left for home thinking i would sleep.
until i saw the GTA disc lying on the table.
so i played till 5.
then i was closing my room window when i saw danial, sharmaine and jasline across the road roaming aimlessly. XD
so i invited them up.
caught some TV with them and a damn good episode of the simpsons.
after dinner, i went with my parents to geylang for durian.
and i ate quite a lot.
feeling very satisfied now.

i still can't sleep, too full.
so i'm gonna stone a bit, then maybe play GTA later.