Wednesday, May 26, 2010

after dark.

i just got another two week mc today.
so i guess i'll be doing my own training at home, and hopefully, i'm not lazy enough to apply for my PDL.

recently, a lot has been going through my head, and i wonder if the sun will keep beating as hard.
it's too hot these days to even take a stroll.
i hope it's just the season and not global warming.

i wanna repair my electric, because the mirror seems to have some stain that can't be cleaned.
and this time, i'll let them change the strings because i'm too lazy to do it myself.

i need to go back tekong tomorrow, to endorse my MC.
i wonder if i'll see my friends.

Monday, May 24, 2010


it's a month plus since i blogged but the main 2 events that took up my time are NS and MC.
it started as a small rash and it spread to both my limbs, and soon i couldn't walk.
but now i can thanks to medication that could ruin my liver.
anyhow, i'm going back to CGH on wednesday for a checkup and hopefully, i can go back to tekong.

during this MC period, i passed my BTT and we managed to celebrate our 3 months together.

although we were both ill, it didn't spoil our day or anything.
i love zoe. (:
she always cracks me up with the funniest things.
and does the cutest things too.
i gave her a bunch of purple flowers because it makes her happy.
and she makes me happy too.