Thursday, July 31, 2008

title Y

that's what we were supposed to do at safra if there was any space.
instead, we went to the cafe downstairs.
and played the number game.
so it was like hamzah, dedrick, brandon and me.
first forfeit was to do jumping-jacks in front of the waitress and her boyfriend. LOL
it was me, brandon and dedrick.
second forfeit was the ultimate i say.
it's a double forfeit, the first is to run around the lobby sounding like an aeroplane, and the second was to message to three girls saying "i love you."
lol, i won, so you get the whole story.

this week was nuts.
no time to relax till tomorrow.
haha, still have loads to do, so.....
till next time!

"and i said that you could look into my eyes if you want to forget the troubles."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

title X

seriously, i'm gonna laugh my ass out today.
i'm so damn lucky.
however, i won't blog about what happened today, otherwise it'll be pointless.
lol, in a sense, i was gracious in two ways today.
thenthenthen, i was laughing to myself uncontrollably all the way home today.

i guess what they was true, a chance can be given and should be given once sins are recognised and forgiven.
pity it won't happen.

oh, did i mention that YUI was the reason why i decided to play the guitar?
okay, just did.
well, i was 15 then, and i love litening to YUI back then.
so while i was reading her profile, i read that she started playing when she was 15.
so i was like "cool, i'll do the same."
so i did.
and i have never regretted since then.

someone once told me that in life, we should never regret the things we do.
but what's the use if you have done something to regret and don't accept it?
is ignorance really bliss?

"you never look out the window when you have one,
to see the world as it is today."

Monday, July 28, 2008

"The Girl Who Leaped Through Time"
seriously, one of the better animes, highly recommended by me for those who want a good feeling after the show.

so i was sick today, had a case of stress related illnesses over the past few weeks.
i stayed home, slept through the whole afternoon, doing a little work and i'm here now, blogging.

okay, the BC is having a sleepover at someone's place during them month of december.
not sure who's place, but it'll be fun.

it seriously feels like the hottest period of the year these days.
31 degree celsius this afternoon, madness!

one thing, i totally hate it when people make and spread rumors, so uncool.
(heidi you know what i mean)

maybe during december, i'll learn a few songs and perform on the streets, anyone wanna join me?

and i'm like wtf?

okok, some words to end the post:

when you blinked,
you did not see yourself,
you lost that once in a lifetime moment,
you lost your thoughts,
you missed the fall of a raindrop.

when you blinked,
you did what you shouldn't,
you lost a loved one,
you lost trust in yourself,
you made yourself unsure.

when you blinked right at that moment,
you lost so much time without realising you lost any at all,
and moved on as if the next blink will get you somewhere.
Open your eyes for once and see what you truly missed,
from blinking.

"blink blink"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

post no. 8

Yui - Laugh Away

somehow, this weekend doesn't feel like a weekend anymore.
it feels like a weekend anticipating the weekdays ahead.

Friday, July 25, 2008

post no. 7

YUI - I Loved Yesterday
MEGADETH - Rust In Peace
METALLICA - Master Of Puppets
METALLICA - Ride The Lightning

5 CDs in one day to listen.
haha, i bought the first two and borrowed the rest from brandon.
lol, i had tuition today, and only reached home at 9:45pm.

I needa do wind-surfing after my promos, anyone wanna join?

today is friday, TGIF!!!!!

i held my shit for 9hrs today, hurray me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

post no. 6

sore, that's what i feel in my legs when i walk now.
as usual, lots of work and little sleep.
i realise that i'll look forward to seeing my friends everyday when i come to school,
and they're such good friends.

one more day to TGIF,
and two more to the weekends.
i'll study and sleep, promos coming soon.
ugh, tired.

hey, i went for a haircut, and it's real good.
i think i'll take a pic of my hair and show it to the barber for the next few haircuts.

ok, back to work.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm so gonna die tomorrow.
my legs are still hurting from monday's swim and i have to run 5km tomorrow.

i hope heidi, fiona and tim can meet up again, wanna catch up with what they're doing. XD

brandon came over today to try out ROCK BAND.
here's what he had to say:
"rock band is so cool it deserves a medal as shiny as Mr Ho's head.."
(actual sentence)
haha, i hope trina and sabrina enjoys it as much tomorrow.

i just finished a game of pokemon with my bro and now i'm playing "Enter Sandman" by metallica on the guitar, and blogging as well of course.

it's been crazy recently, and all i can say is that i'm gonna get a girlfriend in uni, where people are more mature and not stupid.
you know what i mean.

i wanna earn big bucks after i saw mr chew at whitesands today. remember him? he's PRSS social studies teacher.
haha, he gave me a good formula to earn big bucks, and i'll take the advice because it's free. XD

if sabrina, cheryl and trina can't make it tomorrow, and brandon's not coming too, and no one asks me out, and i've got nothing to do.
i'll go fishing at bedok jetty, probably ask jun de along.
so cool, i've never found someone my age who likes fishing.
it's not boring.
it's just relaxing.
if you can't relax,
you're a boring person.

i'm going back to my guitar and probably sleeping early.

goodnight world,
where the sun leaves the earth and the clouds shrinks into stars.
goodnight world,
where birds don't fly when there's no sky.
goodnight world,
still so amazing, illuminated by city lights.
goodnight world,
where the wind blows but you can't see the leaves fly.

Monday, July 21, 2008

post no. 5

smoke in the air today.
smoke in the pool too.
that's what i saw and swam in not so long ago.

recently, i saw myself and realised how much i hated me.
wow, it's like you, right in front of you, listening to how much of an ass you used to be.
good thing it's long gone for me, but i still have to tolerate it everyday.

i'm starting work at 8, ending at god knows when.
heck, i might even go to macdonalds in my uniform and study till the morning.
it's not like there's any tests, there's just so MUCH work to do.
and that's what i get for dragging.
another lesson learnt.

"the nightmares are gone,
keep me wake till dawn,
play my favourite rock songs,
to show me how to make the night long."

OMG, i need a stupid mic to plug into my amplifier, so that i can get some form of cheap thrill screaming into the mic at night while eveyone's sleeping and i've got nothing to do.
and a mic-stand.

ROCK ROCK BAND BAND on wednesday after road run anyone?

i need a holiday.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"we're trapped and well concealed, in secret places, wooaahhh..."
"take over the breaks over" by FOB!

haha, i think i'll blog every phrase of the song that i'm listening to at the moment i create this post.

Yesterday, i went to watch THE DARK KNIGHT with cheryl and it's sooooooo goooooood!!!!
i believe that the late Heath Ledger was really really really good as the joker and deserves not just one but multiple oscars.
The Dark Knight is one of the better movies this year, and i wouldn't ask for anything more.
Haha, after the movie, i went to Sabrina's place with Cheryl to do roller blading.
lol, i fell then Cheryl saw me fall and fell as well. XD
who's the silly one now?
Had dinner at Sabrina's place, really good porridge and bee hoon!
and we talked about jokes and ghost stories till late at night.
went home and i crashe onto bed immediately.

woke up today to do class fund, spent 5 hours and balanced everything.
did eom and all the work i needed to do.
then here i am now playing songs on the electric from the FOB scores.
and i gtg play pokemon soon with my bros.
well, i'm looking forward to the cross country on wednesday coz after that, i think Sabrina and her sister can come over to play rockband! oh yea, brandon too, coz he's a fan i guess. XD
this song is one of the best and funniest songs i've heard recently, you'll laugh, it's damn funny! so click it and watch it, else you'd not complete your life.

ok, i gtg play pokemon now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

post no. 4

"it may sound absurd, but don't be naive, even heroes have the right to bleed"
Superman by FiveForFighting.

this is the exact phrase i'm listening now from superman.
it's one of the songs that i'll never get tired of.

now, i'm doing my econs, with my resource book beside me, a laptop in front, waiting for my EOM to be done.
redbull, ginseng, music.
they're my friends that follow me around in my stomach or ears, because it keeps me so awake and focused on what i do.

haha, played a prank on joel on wednesday during physics SPA.
lol, i tapped two pieces of paper with the word "faggot" on his back.
it was there for a long long time.
and ahmad tried to tie string to people's pants which is connected to a few stools.

i had LC today, real easy.
my only regret was that i played tennis and badminton before that and got myself all wet.

nowadays, i usually go fishing during the weekends or go for movies and end up at mccafe at night doing work.
weird as it may sound, i like feeling nostalgic staring at blinking lights or feel totally relaxed looking at the waves foaming at the wind's edge with a blue sky.
have you looked at the sky nowadays? it looks amazing, or i don't really take note of it till now.
i guess i need something to keep me away from work once in a while, it does good to the soul.

well, back to work.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"dreams", he said, and we rose up from our seats.
just like one we've had of those long gone,
he brought us to a place of mourns.
his words reaped our souls to see,
opened our heads to be free.
we dreamt once again of faded blurs,
how we spent those times in blank thoughts.

"dreams", he whispered, and we fell to the ground.
just like on we've had of those just gone,
he shunned us from a place of mourns.
his words kept our souls in place,
closed our heads to be safe.
we never dreamt again,
never cried in our slumbers,
only heard silent winds in the distant,
coming from the cracked wall.

we woke up, stood up, moved up to the door,
only to be trapped by another closed door.

"Get Out of My Head" by me.

i'm tired, very.
by work, by school and by people.
i need to find somewhere i belong,
else i'd lose my mind, literally.
faced with nothing to do, i suffer in silence.
fishing doesn't help anymore.
splurging on food doesn't too.
the excercise craze is too mundane.
being a good student is too tiring.
something's too amiss in my life,
what? just what do i need?
i feel so empty, like something's pulled out of my body.
my soul? or is it the whole thing?
i don't know, i just don't know..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

post no. 2

He looked at the sky while you looked at the ground.

In my old blog, it was full of shit.
Full of love, hate, stupidity, nonsense and crap.
That is why i created a new world for myself, a new start with a more mature and smart me.
This blog shall contain the following types of post:
1)What i did for the day(not everyday).
2)Lists and lists of stuff.
3)Hate posts.
4)Lots of poems and nice letters.
6)Reccomendations for where to go and what to do.
7)Other stuff.

so yea.
i haven't blogged for quite some time now, so if anyone misses me, here's a short update.
1)i'm still living.
2)my mid years were horrible.
3)I won't get retained at least.
4)I've been doing lots of fishing(see beautiful hobby picture)
5)Shaz and i broke up and i've been coping well.
6)School's crazy with lots of work.
7)Guitar is busy as usual.
8)I made a new blog.

well, it's 11:59, but when i post this, i think it's 12+ on the 14th of July.
i'm not sleeping just yet because i have yet to finish my homework, all thanks to hellboy on channel 5 till 9:30.
so, i'll stay up while you all sleep in your nice, comfortable beds.

i'll blog soon, cya everyone!

PS: please use the useful stuff on the sideboard, it's useful! andandand link me or inform people that i have a new blog! thank you! :)

post no. 1

littledeath has finally died, a new world is born from it.

cheers to a new start at life.