Saturday, January 30, 2010

inevitable coincidence.

hmm, i caught the imaginarium of doctor parnassus yesterday with zoe, and it is surprisingly very hard to give any comments on the movie.

i guess the imaginarium itself is complicated.
it is like a willy wonka love story with a hint of madness.
but heath ledger's last performance was really astounding.
only johnny depp could compare to him, jude law and colin farrel are a bit of a disappointment.

in other news, we went up to the 7th story at iluma and i got zapped by this electric fence that looked like poles stuck in the ground.
and they didn't bother to label it. -.-

i realise that linguine (my mouse) is damn active at night, running the hamster wheels and desperately trying to gnaw off that steel cage of hers.
LUCKILY, she's fat now and can't squeeze through the cage bars.

i think today is going to be another damn boring saturday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

do you know what's a pool que?

25 tables plus cleared in 5 hours,
a sense of satisfaction,
aching shoulders.
that is pool.

Monday, January 25, 2010

State the obvious on your own.

I guess my sunday and monday kinda sucked to the core.
Flu is cramping my life, locking me indoors, making me kill trees and dope myself with meds.
well, not dope but you get the idea.

hmm, cough syrup is really making me sleepy.

how i long for the great outdoors.
i've got a list of things in my head once the flu is gone.
for now, staying indoors really kills my brain cells, and it bores me to death.

at least i got time to do stuff that i always complain i don't.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

for the time being.

sometimes i'd see the bitter side of life,
but that's okay because life's finite.
so we won't laugh at the price of a tear,
when we all drown deep in emotion.

regrets in life are all too heavy,
because no one will look at us,
only ourselves.
so puck up and regret with pride.

when all you think is gone,
it's gone.
why bother when you can give up.
when hope so frail chains the ailing spirit.

but then we don't give up,
it's not logical,
it's not our curse,
we tell ourselves yes.

eventually the outcome is as it is,
and we move on till we're 6 feet deep,
just to make everyone we knew,
remember us as it was.

and it works.

it's 12:29 but it feels like 3.
time for my 3am indomee.

i'll regret, and come out wounded, but i'll pull through.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As the title suggested, this post is gonna be all about MILO!
So if you don't wanna read it, just skip it.

Okay, so MILO! is the drink so sweet and chocolatey that dare i say, almost everyone loves it.
so having drank MILO! since young, i would like to share my experiences of MILO! with everyone who reads this.

Likes about MILO!:
1) I only drink MILO! strictly with MILO! powder, and i take it in heaps. Usually up to half a cup of that glorious god-sent powder (sounds like drugs) stirred with hot water and then luke warm water.
2) MILO! is fabulous.
3) MILO! powder can be added to a cup of cold milk and stirred or just drunk when the powder become chunks.
4) MILO! can be made like step 1 but chilled and then MORE MILO! POWDER IS ADDED TO ENHANCE THE SWEET FLAVOURS (also it's about the chunks)

Dislikes about MILO!:
1) none.

so you see, besides all the other foodstuff and drinks (like the indomee supply in my cupboard that is quickly depleting) i love MILO!

I've been playing Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition and it just rocks so hard i can't stop.

oh yea, i drank two full glasses of option (3) MILO! yesterday. One in the afternoon and one before bed. I took half the container of powder.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holiday everyday.

I love days when i sleep at three and wake up at 2-3 in the afternoon thinking about how i wasted half of a perfectly great day sleeping like a log.

well today i woke up at 12 after sleeping at 1, then i sat at the couch and played PS3 all the way till 3:30.
then tim called. "eh, wanna play badminton tomorrow morning?"
me "hmm....can lor, or maybe you wanna play later?"
tim "eh, i don't mind leh, let's play!"
me "okay, let's play at 5."

so i'm home now after playing badminton.
i feel so healthy now.

currently, i'm giving my bro tuition, and it seems that i blog while i'm giving him tuition.
at least he's listening to my advice.

tomorrow, we're going to fee's house to cook dinner before she goes back to medan.
it seems like forever that we've been friends, and i hope it lasts when we go our separate ways in the not too distant future.
because not all good things come to an end.

ok, back to teaching....and surfing the net. XD

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm actually blogging!

So yea, with all the usual reasons for not blogging, i feel like closing down this blog, but heck, i'm lazy!

Right at this moment, i'm giving my brother tuition, and he's doing stuff i gave him. XD
hmm....december was great, i mean after the A'levels, i basically went overseas and did loads of stuff.
to me, December of 2009 was too good to be only kept in my brain (hence, i'm not intending to share it here.)

anyway, yesterday clarence and i went to play pool (in which i lost almost all the games because i haven't been there in months.)
then we went to this filipino(how to spell?) place for dinner...
and on the menu, i ordered a set of BBQ CHIX
yes! BBQ CHIX!
my initials are CHX and i don't know why but everyone pronounces it as chix, so i practically had myself for dinner.

haha, with so much free time, i've been out a lot lately so i hardly blog and i will hardly blog in the future because NS enlistment is in April 26.

so far, life's good when you wake up and realise you don't have school today.
or when you play and remember that there's no homework.
but the only worry now is in March.

anyway, an explosion in a supernova reaches 55million degree celcius.
and that's why i love national geographic, even though i didn't get the job there.

peace out,