Sunday, May 24, 2009

screw up of the year.

school's fine, aside from the tons of work and revision before the exams, i can't wait for the holidays.

joined the school's badminton competition yesterday, managed to advance to the semis for doubles, but i lost in the first round of singles.
and i woke up today with a very stiff right arm.

i caught monsters vs aliens yesterday, it's really really good and i expected no less from the creators at pixar. (highly recommended)

still, i gotta say, you screwed up pretty bad.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"The End" before you even saw it coming.

I'm still in love with japanese music.
Especially those that fall under the pop/rock/metal category, it's unique.

Oh yea, i just realised that i'm a Fall Out boy and Fall Out 3 fan.
so i'm a Fall Out Fan.
haha, FOF anyone?

today was already so tiring, after sports day, guitar practice seemed to last much longer, but we made good progress.
i can't believe i have tuition tomorrow and i forgot.
i also have a physics test tomorrow.
and friday...well, there's service learning.

i just can't wait for the weekends, where it's just me, and the PS3.

i met timothy yesterday at ehub, apparently he was studying there, so i paid him a visit to talk about stuff.
the last time we met was...back when fiona and i went to surprise him at his house for his 18th birthday.
i still remember what we bought, and when fiona and i were paying for it at NTUC, it seemed so scandalous.
haha, i just can't wait where all of us can get together and do something random again.
because the past few times that we (heidi, fiona, tim, lim, sonia and i) went out, everything had a time constraint.

school is taking a toll on me, but if i pull through, i know i'll feel great.
badminton competition on saturday 8 to 12, i'm playing singles AND doubles on the same day.
i hope i win something (like sport shop vouchers)

Monday, May 18, 2009

i marvel at the stars and feel the warmth overflow.

yesterday i went to the airport for dinner with my family, and i saw FIONA and SONIA.
haha, it was so coincidental because i was buying drinks back, and saw them walk past my family's table.
had a talk with them for awhile until we parted at the skytrain.
it has been a long time since we last met.

i can't believe i studied for physics till 12+ on sunday night and to find out that it has been shifted to thursday. on the bright side, i studied already. (:

i'm stuck now, with homework and chem test to study for.


still, i can't wait for the weekends.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

white flames

college day was just weird, less than 10mins and we're off stage.

went to play pool with clarence today, it was really long since we last played.
ate at ajisen ramen afterwards, really good stuff.
then went to catch angels and demons with family, so i'm still awake now.

sometimes, i wonder if what i do really has any rewards.
i think i'm just a selfless fool, giving up what i can for others ever so willingly.
i don't even know why i'm nice to you, when all i get is shit.
at least i know people who are like me, and i know what they deserve.
they deserve better.

i'm gonna stay at home and do work, and it's something i should do more often these days.
andandand practice tango and 13 days in france. :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

christmas in june.

i just had some stuff to drink, and played a bit of my ps3.
i'm tired and it's been like this every week.

ethel: yes, we should go catch a movie soon! haha, with so many good shows, it's a good movie season. :D

tomorrow is college day, and it's a saturday.

everything's dizzy now, so i'll crash soon.
it's 12:25.
and i finished my can.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Movies to catch.
1) X-men: Origins
2) Star Trek
3) Tansformers
4) Terminator: Salvation
5) Blood: The Last Vampire
6) Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

two down...four to go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This applies to our SYF and...
my napfa test!
yay, no first few months for me!!!

i think i'm on the right track, feeling the urge to study nowadays.

i'm tried like hell,
after the napfa, we played soccer.
haha, it's like everyone just walked to get the ball.

i'm just so glad that napfa is over, this means more time to play soccer and not get bored or tired after PE.
unless of course, soccer is tiring, but never boring!

yay, barcelona qualified!!

i need my fix on something new to do, like anime, more fishing or whatever.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i'd die this way than the other....

can't believe my ears.
i wanna hear it again.
no wait, i don't.

i HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE this thursday.
1) Econs test
2) Physics test
3) Napfa test

i still love you,
even though i get sore from the constant up and downs,
even though you don't really talk much,
i enjoy every moment,
that you acconpany me on rough seas,
or strong winds,
because no obstacle can stop us,
my fishing rod.

lol, i just can't wait to go fishing again. XD

Sunday, May 3, 2009


why did i leave the thread out,
when it has been like this since as long as i can remember.
why did i even bother looking at those old photos.
why do i still remmber what you have assumed to forget.
how did we become like this.
when all we had then were us.
when all we made were meant to last,
it sure did.

Birth of a motal.

"The day begins when the sky is clear, and the soul can see heaven's smile."

I'm doing GP compre now, really totally forgot, and this...this sense of guilt and urgency is my punishment.

I went fishing yesterday, caught small fish. :(
and i bought a large Mexican sombrero hat!

Dad came back from Bangkok today, really good to see him after all the trips he's been recently.

"The night falls when the sky is clear, and the soul can reach heaven's gates."

i miss my grandpa.
i dreamt of him the day after he passed away.
i dreamt that he was in heaven.
and he was eating lots of sweets and goodies (i'm serious. XD)
tomorrow will be exactly 6 years since he passed away.
tomorrow will be slightly more than 6 years since i've heard from him.
but i see him when i want to everyday.

i learnt in life once, when someone confessed to me.
that one should not regret in life,
that life should not be taken for granted.
it's all been heard before, but never used wisely.
i still hold true to those words that you have taught.

Friday, May 1, 2009

hook, line and fish.

i just caught x-men origins, and the movie was well worth the money.
it has been a long time since i went for a movie with my family though.

so i've been up to all the usual stuff, but with the syf over, i feel the weight lift off my shoulders.

dad came back from a fishing trip last week, and got loads of fish which could last for a few months.

if i were wolverine, i'd stab my heart and see how that compares to a heartbreak.

tuition for 4 hours tomorrow, won't be easy but i'll live.