Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One to satisfy the eyes.

One week to prelims, two months to A'levels.
It's where my life pivots around, at least that's what everyone says...
but it's only another climb in life.
was never a pivot.

I've been thinking and talking about what i should do in the future, but instead of daydreaming about how i'm gonna do marine conservation in hopes of better aquatic sustainability, i've decided to just see how it goes for the moment.

Interesting things i did recently:
1) Made myself a wallet out of duct tape.
2) Bought new fishing gear.
3) Made studying fun.
4) Got a new cover for my ipod.
5) Got plenty of new clothes to wear, so i can preserve my mushroom shirt.
YOU GOTTA know Your Mushrooms.

I've caught up with heidi and tim recently, and i wanna catch up soon with fiona and lim too.
Really happy that we've had a history of ups and downs.
Anyway, teacher's day doesn't look so good, because i might not be going back to PRSS.
Sorry, maybe towards the end of the year? Then it's a surprise visit.

Anyway, prelims are around the corner, and it just seems that now, everything in life is piecing together. I'll soon find out what it is.
gotta work hard and smart.