Friday, April 24, 2009


if you thought the first video of the modern samurai was good, wait till you see this.
i really couldn't believe my eyes.
things he cut:
1) Candle wick.
2) Skin off the asparagus.
3) Flight off an arrow.
4) A sheet of steel.

it's worth the watch, so watch it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


i'd like to blame the world on all my problems now,
because i find little meaning in life.
consumed in all this unfairness,
pursuing empty fates with a blindfold of happiness.
if i stayed awake for all the days and nights i lived,
i'd call it a lifetime, never beginning a new day or a new year,
never marking the start of something fresh on my organiser,
because i never need to forget that life is this shit here.
call it life if you want,
but every sane moment is going to slip far away,
when it just cycles around your worst nightmares,
piercing you in the same darn spot you'd cry blood to stop.
if life could screw up twice,
shit should come back up.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's 11:20 and i'm still here.

it's 11:20 and i'm still here.
because i have work to do.
because i didn't have time to do work just now.
because i was busy doing SYF rehersals.
and i have practise everyday till saturday, a day's break, practise on monday and SYF on tuesday.

i hope it pays off.

i'm really tired, but these three words won't show you how i feel unless you find yourself sleepy during the morning and having that same feeling last with you till now.


just when will you fall into my arms under the light-strewn sky?

Monday, April 20, 2009

free cream of ice.

i'm sick as sick can get.
like sick...
and i still went to present at gongshan pri today with the help of my panadol flu max.
the kids were so cute.
they walked past us and would even greet us. XD
when i went on stage, they were like "good morning mr......" (cuz i haven't introduced myself)

yesterday, i studied at my friend's place.
used up a tissue box, and a few packets of tissue.

today, i went to the polyclinic after the presentation.
surprisingly, it was faster than the private clinics if i go at the right times.
so i was given three types of medicine, two which induce drowsiness.
and i won't be going sch tomorrow too.

i'll be stuck at home studying for the econs and maths timed assignments this week.

i got my ps3 back today.
still dead.
at least i got over the (game) addiction.

let the stars be our witnesses,
to our silent confessions.
let our actions justify,
just how much we could've said.
let our hugs show
how tight we wanna hold on,
because i will never let go,
because i found something more to this life of mine.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

cold shmold.

i have a cold.
blocked nose, sore throat, sneezing...all that shit.
and i hate the feeling.

i'm blogging because my night is boring, and still will be until i sleep.

congrats to me because my PS3 is officially dead.
i'll have to bury it in my fishtank? or somewhere nice.
dad's getting a new one i guess, they sell it for 530 at orchard.
gonna have to recover the hard disk though.

harman/kardon speakers are still love, they complete me.

i feel like walking to the carpark to watch the sun rise tomorrow morning with coffee in my hand, haven't done it in awhile.

i wanna light up a candle tonight too,
play with fire. :D

and the only accomplishment today was you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

spill your guts in 8mm.

this is a video of the coolest modern samurai of our age.
if you thought the pen was mightier than the sword, you haven't seen the samurai sword yet!

things he cut:
1) freaking small mushroom.
2) long bean.
3) BB gun airsoft bullet.
4) an iron pipe.
5) himself. (joking)

"such holidays in the sun don't come without sacrifices"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For relief of acute diarrhoea

i've been having an upset stomach for three days now, and i lost 6kg in 3 weeks.
i seriously don't know what's wrong with me, gonna see a doc soon.

maybe it's stress?

or maybe it's after the cold milk i had...ugh...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's all about trust.

"she drove me to daytime television" by Funeral for a Friend.

good stuff, good day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

unbelievable bullshit.

As you can see, i changed my blogskin, and i took away the tagboard.
so if you wanna leave a comment, feel free to do so below the posts.

i can't believe i'm doing my homework for wednesday when it's a monday.
i guess it's about time i did...

i'm extremely, downright, undoubtedly confused.
something's going on and i can sense it, i just can't put my finger to it.
that's the whole point isn't it?
purely a guessing game.
a very very risky game indeed.

i watched a bit of america's funniest animals, and i say it sucks to the core.
their jokes...wait, ATTEMPTS to say something funny wasn't even worth air time.
seriously, how do they survive?

and i like you for who you really are,
but when you're not you,
i feel uneasy,
i feel suffocated,
i don't feel you.

i was listening to Funeral for a Friend, and i have to say that they're great!
only their "casually dressed and deep in conversation" album though.

yet and again, i make it clear.
i make my intentions ever so true,
that this is who i really am,
not who i could be.
what for do i lie when i know that being truthful,
i feel more at ease.

sports heats are tomorrow, i hope our class makes it and i don't fall down. XD

a hug never seemed so awkward.
i burned the signal fire to show,
none other than you,
where the path was along the yellow brick road,
where the tin man's heart bled from.

all this because it'd hurt if i lost a friend like you,
where no one could replace you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Identity - where do i belong?

Dear Dear,
Was i too sweet, too quick in conversations? Or have i shown you all i can be?
Because time waits for all man,
but opportunities for us may not.
Though my intentions are clear,
i am new to action,
arising to deception.
I know for one that if i persevere,
my intention will reach your perception,
to show my dedication for you,
and commit me to your memory.
So will i be your decision?
Or just another fading illusion?

PS: i love you more than my 80GB PS3, i love you like....a 160GB PS3....

sometimes, we hit hard times, but that doesn't mean it ends. it's the beggining of something new.

i love my harman/kardon speakers.

get well soon. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


PS3 died.

it's been a good long year plus? since i had it. it came as a baby. it came as a gift from the heavens above. until it stopped working all of a sudden just when i loaded GTA4.

i'll miss you, until i get a new one.

somehow, i feel so bored tonight, like extremely bored, and with nothing much on tv and nothing to do, i've declared today to be the most un-good friday ever.

"because good guys die first."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

stories that were never meant to be.

i just finished all 25 episodes of Darker than Black today, really really good stuff.

i feel extremely tired these few days, must've been the lack of sleep and the boredom of routines.

jamming this weekend i hope, gonna play songs by anberlin.
somehow, it's tough these days to find the inspiration to do work.
syf on the 28th, gonna chiong after that.

are there no shadows where you are ?
i can see everything as day
problems that you try to hide away
pushing me aside
[[ you`re pushing me aside ]]

could the winter calm come twice ?
`cause your heart seems so cold tonight ?
thirst for substance somehow isn`t right
it`s killing me inside
[[ it's killing you inside ]]
you're killing me inside

i don`t wanna be where you are
i don`t wanna be here even now
i don`t wanna be by your side
if something isn`t right
if something isn`t right

this is our last goodnight
say what you will
say all that you can
words have no meaning
when i`ve seen where you`ve been

this is our last goodnight
say what you will
say all that you can
this is our last goodbye
this is where love ends

are you so naive to right and wrong ?
how could you watch innocence forgone ?
does what we`ve done ever really belong ?
it wasted me away
[[ I feel so wasted away ]]

god if you can hear me out alright
please take these feelings for her inside
my chest hurts when i breathe tonight
it`s wasting me away
[[ you`re wasting me away ]]
they`re wasting me away

i don`t wanna be where you are
i don`t wanna be here even now
i don`t wanna be by your side
something isn`t right
something isn`t right

this is our last
[[ this is my last ]]

this is our last goodnight
say what you will
say all that you can
words have no meaning
when i`ve seen where you`ve been

this our last goodnight
say what you will
say all that you can
this is our last goodbye
this is where love ends
[[ this is my last ]]

this is our last goodnight
say what you will
say all that you can
words have no meaning
when i`ve seen where you've been
[[ this is our last ]]

this is our last goodnight
say what you will
say all that you can
this is our last goodbye
this is where love ends

"Amsterdam" - Anberlin
after hearing this song, memories come flooding back and i don't wanna picture another situation like this. ironically, it's my favourite song now.