Thursday, December 25, 2008

the day when i get presents.

first of all, MERRY HOHO CHRISTMAS to one and all!!!
i'm lazy.
to blog about taiwan coz i got 900++ pics to choose from.

since it's christmas, i got presents and they get better every year!!!
i just got back from a party and i should be sleeping but yea...

recently, i worked in mummy's office on mon and tues with joel, really fun but tiring.
and went out with brandon, cheryl, shermaine and joel for shopping and dinner.
haha, it's really been long since everyone got together like this.
and since we like doing stupid things.....
we ate some restaurant, then a waitress named irene took our orders.
so after we finished, we all said "thank you irene" altogether.
haha, and after a while, the waiter who gave us the bill was named daniel.
so i went "hey daniel, thanks for the bill."

anyway, i got FOB's folie a deux, so far so good, have yet to listen to every song though.

a year ago, we had a christmas sleepover.
lasted one night, filled with presents, laughter and funny stuff.
heidi, fiona, tim, shiwee, riz and joshua were there,
we had stuff to eat,
tricked tim twice,
watched movies,
and the first to sleep had to drink water from the elastic reservoir.
but most importantly,
it was so much fun,
and i wish there were more days,
where the few of us,
so far apart,
can come again once again again and again,
to celebrate what we achieved and kept close in times where everything seemed to fall,

oh, you were there too, at least you won't go now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i'm currently at this four star hotel called WONSTAR(onestar) hotel. XD
i've just finished my 1500km journey all over taiwan in 5 days and i'm happy about it.
lol, i bought A LOT A LOT of things, so many that i think we needa get one more lauggage bag soon.
bag, shoes, bling, fragrances, food, clothing.....
so basically, i'm gonna reach s'pore on a saturday night.
btw, my hotel is in taipei.
took lots of pics too.
okok, anyway, i'm gonna blog more when i get back.
cheers everyone! :D
ps: i got gifts for ppl.

Friday, December 5, 2008

7 days.

It's gonna be a long post, so get ready.

MONDAY 1/12/2008
First day of guitar camp, and everyone reported to the room at 8 in the morning.
I brought tons of stuff (mostly) junk and hope it would be of use.
So anyway, the camp was a training camp, and it is really tiring, but can't be helped because of our christmas concert and lack of time.
Basically, we practised the first day, and when it was 5, we went to get ready for was to come in the night.
6 classes, 1 for boys, 2 for girls, 1 for exco, 2 for miscellaneous stuff(like practice rooms)
lol, nicholas brought his laptop to play left for dead, and it's a WOW game.
8:30, we all reported to the foyer with our guitars and scores, and prepared to perform.
clarence and i played "retrace" by anberlin and "little wonders" by rob thomas.
THEN, after the performance, we went to the room to play karaoke party on heather's laptop, had fun singing to songs like "don cha" by PCD, "womanizer" by Britney Spears.
lol, us guys had to strain our voices until we sounded like gays.
i brought out my junk, which were mainly light sticks and chips, handed to everyone for fun.
then during the gift exchange, everyone thought my present looked like a watermelon wrapped in newspaper, but little did they know that it was actually rootbeer.
lol, i got a singing teddy bear from elizabeth.
i think i slept after that. XD

TUESDAY 2/12/2008
woke up at 5 to make water bombs,
then practice as usual.
basically, we practised for 10.5 hours, all the way into the night.
and in the middle, we had our wet games, really fun! haha, yee en is the most suay, because out of the 10+ bombs that she threw in my direction, less than half of it hit me, the rest rolled off my body.
pei ying and elizabeth ATTEMPTING to carry the whole dustbin of water bombs that were made in the morning.

Me after the morning.

WEDNESDAY 3/12/2008
This day was only half a day, we invited SAC over to play with us, and we practised till 12 then went home. HOME.

THURSDAY 4/12/2008
Had to reach school by 12, then took a bus to ACJC for their concert rehersal.
haha, i don't wanna elaborate on that day because today was pretty much the same.

FRIDAY 5/12/2008
lol, for a SYF mock audition, and safe to say, i pass!!! which means i don't have to take the real auditions, but still i should keep improving.
Until 12, we had to put up the decorations and stuff, so i was running errands, and helping out a lot.
When all the schools came, we were a bit late for the rehersal.
still, managed to pull off everything.
lol, i made loads of friends these few days, and i wanna thank my friends and family for coming to the concert to support me.

NOW, i am extremely tired, and exhausted all over my aching body.
i'm leaving for taiwan tomorrow people, won't be back till 13, please don't call me and i have to say that i'm in taiwan. XD