Monday, February 22, 2010

live in moderation

everyday passes so slowly,
but yesterday was the slowest.
went out with the fee, hei, zoe, tim and lim to celebrate early birthdays,
and blow re-lightable candles.
that was what we practically did.

i hope fee uploads photos soon. XD

oh, after lunch, there was this girl who was sleeping by herself at one of the tables.
i dared tim 10 bucks to sit right in front of her and stare at her until she wakes up.
he did it, and she gave him the evils when she woke up.
i had to give tim 10 bucks.
10 dollars!
i would rather give the 10 dollars to charity.
oh wait, i already did when i gave it to him. XD
*claps to myself*

at night, someone relied on me.
i could be depended on.
i'm glad.

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