Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a day dreaming.

yesterday, i went with zoe to sentosa to experience the new stuff there.
it was a really nice day with overcast skies and hardly any sun,
but due to the rain, it was pretty humid.

still, we had a great time seeing all the stuff there.
first we went to imbiah station which zoe thought was "imbah station" when we saw the map. XD

i took a picture with this goat because i'm born in the year of the goat.

then we took the luge down to beach station,where we decided to go for ice-cream.

here's what happens with zoe and ice-cream

before ice-cream

after ice-cream

the ice-cream guy was just weird.
i said "can i have a macadamia surprise?"
and he replied "strawberry surprise?"
and i'm like "no, macadamia surprise"
then when i asked for a taste test of berryfruit flavour,
he almost went to scoop strawberry until i told him berryfruit AGAIN.

if you ignore the upside down words that says no diving,
it'll look like a sign saying "no surfacing"

i take pride in being able to center pictures well. (:

after the beach, we went to get airbrush tattoos, which i completely forgot to take photos of. XD
but i got a sun tattoo and she got a butterfly tattoo.
i think the sun tattoo makes me look tribal.

soon after, we went to finish our sky rides and luge rides,
then went to Chili's (i think that's the name) at universal studios to eat.
honestly, it wasn't very good, but the service was good.
the waiter came every few moments to check on us, asking to give any comments.

oh, there was this huge Hershey's shop nearby, and a huge Hershey mascot walking around.

if only the choco bar was real.

by then it was already late, and after a quick stop at vivo, we went home.

i found a video of UVERworld this morning, with the song zero no kotae.
watch it because it is super meaningful (a common trait in jap songs)

"they say people remember something before they die,
if that's true i'll probably remember loving."

one time, i asked why people don't make wishes upon stars that stay there,
because shooting stars don't last.
someone told me that shooting stars are rare and better cherished,
because they don't last.
and just like that, life's brighter.

"but still i pray on the last day,
that i'll remember being loved." -UVERworld

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