Monday, May 24, 2010


it's a month plus since i blogged but the main 2 events that took up my time are NS and MC.
it started as a small rash and it spread to both my limbs, and soon i couldn't walk.
but now i can thanks to medication that could ruin my liver.
anyhow, i'm going back to CGH on wednesday for a checkup and hopefully, i can go back to tekong.

during this MC period, i passed my BTT and we managed to celebrate our 3 months together.

although we were both ill, it didn't spoil our day or anything.
i love zoe. (:
she always cracks me up with the funniest things.
and does the cutest things too.
i gave her a bunch of purple flowers because it makes her happy.
and she makes me happy too.

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