Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and i'll come out more than a man.

tomorrow, we'll be together for 2 months.
i still remember how she said yes 2 months ago,
under the setting sun,
above the calm waves,
surrounded by palm, sand and people,
and the wind,
and the slightly cloudy sky.
we had ice cream before that.
and a long walk by the beach.

tomorrow, i'll still be feeling the same way about her.
with that sweet smile that never seems to fade
and the same laughter that brought me to her.
all i need to do for us is to love her, myself and us.

well, i'm going to serve my country next monday.
so if war does break out, i hope i can save whoever reads this in time.
83 items upon enlistment and so many more to bring.
honestly, i'm looking forward to it, and i can't wait to make new friends.

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