Monday, March 1, 2010


i just reached home and it's around 1.
i've been sleeping at 1 and waking up at 8 for the past two days before staying at the booth for almost 12 hours straight everyday.
and it has FINALLY, yes, FINALLY ended.

yesterday, my love made lunch for me in a box and brought it over to surprise me.
i feel fortunate to have someone like her, and no one's ever packed lunch for me before.
so it really gave me the strength to continue.
everyday she'll visit me at the fair, i feel fortunate. (:

damage dealt to me by the fair:
1) sore throat
2) super blood shot eyes
3) loss of appetite
4) sick of japanese resorts
5) momentary fear of foreigners

i have my bacardi with me now, i'm gonna take 3 shots and try to K.O until i cannot see the blood in my eyes.

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